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Without Phone Call or E-mail

Translation process can be as easy as on-line shopping. Automatic Quote System allows us to estimate the expense and start the project immediately.

Project Panagement

Check the status and history of the project at a glance. Do not bother to rummage through a mailbox or to organize the files anymore.

Simple and Unlimited Access

No matter where you are at, all you need is to visit our website by phone or laptop. Start your localization business without any restraint.

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Do you need free machine translation or a quote for human translation?
It takes only five minutes on LEX-Cloud.

Currently, you have to sit in front of your PC and write emails, paste attachments, make requests through phone calls, and reply to more emails and phone calls afterward.

How about doing translation like online shopping?

Anytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect, check, and communicate with your localization manager.

LEX-Cloud provides a user experience that is similar to online shopping.

Analytics make it easier to get real time data.

LEX-Cloud allows you to analyze your data rather than simply browsing through it.
LEX-Cloud analytics allows you to learn about your company's projects, such as their focus area and languages.

Graphs help you understand these insights more quickly and easily.
After completing all projects or before starting a new one, analyze data for strategic planning and manage accounting records.
Tracking important trends can help you optimize your business.

We are developing our own
AI-powered translation engine

Or use Google Translate and Naver Papago conveniently on LEX-Cloud.

Makes it faster to build your own company portal.

LEX-Cloud offers customized portals with B2B integration.
Lexcode and your company can set an agreed rates and terms. There is no need to go through the service agreement negotiation and signing process again.

Log in to LEX-Cloud and upload the file to be translated. You will be notified when the translation is ready for download.

There is no need to call or email to check on the status of your project.
LEX-Cloud makes project management a breeze

Employee turnover and changes are common issues in any business.
It is nearly impossible to turn over 100 percent of the work without a reliable system.

LEX-Cloud makes it possible without much effort.
Simply log in to your company's LEX-Cloud account to access your entire work history.

Your data are secured

LEX-Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which guarantees uptime.
On top of that, Lexcode's security protocol has been safeguarding the company's data for over 20 years.

You can now safely delete local copies of files because LEX-Cloud eliminates
the risk of losing valuable documents.

Five minutes is enough.

Started from a single document
to a library full of documents

Lexcode has grown into a leading localization firm with over 20 years of experience.

Providing translation services for a wide range of customers, businesses, and organizations with varying file types and complexity.

You're in good hands, and we know exactly what we're doing.
Behind LEX-Cloud’s intuitive features are decades of knowledge and experience.


Keep track of records and manage file versions.

Quotes, request forms, source files, revisions, translated files, invoices, etc.
Never waste your precious time sorting and juggling all these things.

After requesting a quote, you can manage
all the data within the platform.

Save as much as 90% of your time.

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Do not open this window today